Graduation Pathways

Starting with the graduating class of 2023, the Indiana Department of Education has adopted new graduation requirements. The goal of these new requirements are to create an educated and talented workforce to not just meet the needs of business and higher education, but able to succeed in all postsecondary endeavors. To account for the rapidly changing, global economy, every K-12 student needs to be given the tools to succeed in some form of quality postsecondary education and training. This is including an industry recongized certificate program, an associate's degree program, or a bachelor's degree program. These recommendations seek to ensure that every Hoosier student graduates from high school with: 
  1. A broad awareness of and engagement with individual career interests and associated career options, 
  2. A strong foundation of academic and technical skills, and
  3. Demonstrate employability skills that lead directly to meaningful opportunities for postsecondary education, training, and gainful employment. 

Students in the graduating class of 2023 must satisfy all three boxes of the Graduation Pathways Requirements.

Graduation Pathways Requirements Information

The Graduation Pathways Reflection Forms can be accessed and completed through the student's Skyward Student Access account (instructions for form access). When the form is submitted, the guidance office will receive a notification. 

Graduation Pathways Reflection Forms